Things I value

Yesterday’s walk was very hot as well as todays.  I so much love my “sticks” (walking poles).  There is so much up hills and downs with rocks and mud.  They sure help.  Moleskin ranks right up there also.  Today the blisters seemed under control.  I wish I had brought along a short sleeve shirt as I was tempted to just cut off my sleeves.  Beautiful walk today through villages.  Tonight I am in a hostel as well as last night.  Last night it was in an old restored bldg.   I heard it is going to be difficult to get a room in Santiago since I will be arriving on the weekend.  After calling several and all are full I did find one but more than I planned to pay..oh well nice to know I have a place. There sure are more pilgrims since this week as the ones who want to do the walk and get the certificate need to get in 100k and that starting point was from 2 days ago so more now walking.

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